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John J. Mariani, MD, Section Head

The goal of the Education Section is to promote quality education and training in addiction psychiatry throughout the system of medical education. The section has three committees focusing on three levels of medical education: medical school, general psychiatric residency and PGY-V addiction psychiatry residency. The Continuing Medical Education Committee, which works to provide educational opportunities to physicians and others in the addictions field, is also part of the Education Section.

Undergraduate Medical Education Committee

Christopher J. Welsh, MD, Chair

The Undergraduate Medical Education Committee has as its charge the encouragement of medical student interest in the field of addiction psychiatry. The committee works to expand the opportunities available for medical students to attend the Academy’s Annual Meeting by having an annual essay contest in which winners attend the Annual Meeting. Each year, the committee announces the essay contest to directors of undergraduate medical education. Because of the continued strong response to the essay contest and the unequivocally positive response from trainees who attend the Annual Meeting, the committee works to develop mentoring relationships between medical students and senior colleagues. To facilitate the development of collegial relationships among trainees, the committee sponsors a breakfast for trainees and assigns medical students a mentor at Annual Meetings.

PGY I-IV Committee

Stephen Ross, MD, Chair

The primary role of the PGY I-IV Committee is to promote the quality of teaching and clinical experiences in the addictions in general psychiatry residency programs. The committee plans to work closely with AADPRTto assist the general psychiatry residency programs in their development of curriculum and training sites to meet the new requirement for a mandatory clinical experience in the addictions. Addiction psychiatry residents and general psychiatry residents have been encouraged to join the committee and are playing a major role in its activities.

PGY V Committee

John J. Mariani, MD

The primary role of the PGY-V Committee is to support high quality training for PGY-V addiction psychiatry residents. The committee continues to develop the PGY-V Curriculum Resources Project through the Web site and other educational resources. The committee also works to help programs recruit potential PGY-V residents.