PCSS-O Webinar: Improving Safety Through Opioid Rotation: Reducing Dosing and Extending Rotation Schedule

Prescribers’ Clinical Support System for Opioid Therapies (PCSS-O) is a three year grant funded by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA),Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT). It is a collaborative project led by American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP) with: American Dental Association (ADA), American Medical Association (AMA), American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine (AOAAM), American Psychiatric Association (APA), American Society for Pain Management Nursing (ASPMN), and International Nurses Society on Addictions (IntNSA). These organizations are providing training and education on the safe and effective prescribing of opioid medications in the treatment of pain and/or opioid addiction.                                  

Webinar Information:

A webinar offered by American Medical Association (AMA).
About this Webinar: Opioid rotation is a common practice when patients are on chronic opioid therapy. This process can be dangerous and result in unintended deaths.  Understanding how to safely rotate from one opioid to another will be discussed in this webinar.

  • Define Opioid Rotation and its Rationale
  • Discuss the risk of opioid rotation
  • Explain how to conduct an opioid rotation

Date: March 28, 2013
Speaker: Lynn R. Webster, M.D., F.A.C.P.M., F.A.S.A.M. Medical Director of CRILifetree
President-Elect of the American Academy of Pain Medicine
Nurse Practitioner Minneapolis VA Chronic Pain Consult Service Clinical Champion, OPCC&CT
Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET                                                           

To Register: http://eo2.commpartners.com/users/ama/session.php?id=10482

Funding for this initiative was made possible (in part) by Prescribers’ Clinical Support System for Opioid Therapies (1H79TI023439) from SAMHSA. The views expressed in written conference materials or publications and by speakers and moderators do not necessarily reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services; nor does mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.