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Addictions and Their Treatment

Frances Levin speaking

The 2013 Addictions and Their Treatment course was offered in conjunction with AAAP’€™s 24th Annual Meeting and Symposium.  The syllabus and DVD are sold separately but may be purchased at the same time.  The syllabus compiles the entire course presentation slides in a hardcopy booklet and the DVD is comprised of the slides and lecture audio.

Archived materials just released and now available for purchase!

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AAAP Members: $185.00 for each item

Non-Members: $235.00 for each item

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The following topics were covered in the 2013 Addictions course:

  • General Concepts
  • Neurobiology/Genetics
  • Opioid Use Disorders*
  • Substance Use Disorders in Adults and Transitional Youth with ADHD*
  • Psychosocial Treatments
  • Alcohol Use Disorders
  • Special Populations*
  • Forensic Issues in Addiction
  • Dual Diagnosis- Affective and Anxiety Disorders*
  • Tobacco Use Disorders and Smoking Cessation*
  • Adolescent Addiction
  • Club Drugs
  • Screen/Brief Intervention and Prevention
  • Psychostimulant Use Disorders
  • Non-Substance-Based Addictions
  • Medical Comorbidities
  • Sedative/Hypnotic Addictions
  • Pain and Addiction
  • Cannabis
  • Personality Disorders and Psychosis*

*Topics expanded and updated in the 2013 course compared to the previous 2012 course.

We are also offering the 2012 Addictions Course in a DVD format at a discounted price of $100.00 for members and $150.00 for non-members. The syllabus is no longer available.

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