As a result of the new 2015 ABMS MOC Standards, the ABPN is pleased to announce increased flexibility of the ABPN MOC Program requirements. There are two changes effective immediately.

1. Feedback modules now will require that diplomates collect feedback from only ONE of the following options:


Five patient surveys
Five peer evaluations of general competencies*
Five resident evaluations of general competencies*
360 Degree evaluation of general competencies with five respondents*
Institutional peer review of general competencies with five respondents*
One supervisor evaluation of general competencies*
MODEL FEEDBACK FORMS available on ABPN website
*The general competencies to be reviewed in peer, resident, 360 degree, institutional peer review, and supervisor evaluations are:
Patient Care Medical Knowledge
Practice-Based Learning and Improvement Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Professionalism System Based Practice

Diplomats no longer must complete patient surveys AND peer surveys to meet the feedback module for Part IV of MOC (PIP). Diplomats must now complete only ONE of the above options to satisfy the feedback module requirement.

2. Based on recent feedback from the field and availability of ABPN-approved MOC products, we have modified the requirements for the 10-Year MOC program. All diplomats in the 10-Year MOC Program (MOC candidates in 2015-2021) will be required to complete:
300 Category-1 CME credits
24 Category-1 CME credits from Self Assessment Activities (can count toward the 300 total CME credits)
1 PIP Unit (clinical module and feedback module)

This webpage outlines the modified requirements for the 10-Year MOC Program.

ABPN anticipates a few more changes to the Continuous-MOC program this summer concerning additional options for Self Assessment Activities and inclusion of a patient safety module requirement. We will communicate the changes to you as soon as they are finalized.