Call for Papers, Posters, and Workshops for AAAP’s 31st Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium.

We urge AAAP members, clinicians, researchers, health professionals, and students to participate in the AAAP Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium by submitting abstracts for paper, poster, and workshop presentations.

The deadline to submit an application is midnight (Pacific time) Friday, July 3, 2020.

Submission Categories

Paper Presentations offer an opportunity to briefly present research findings and/or data on clinical experiences. These presentations are 8 minutes in duration followed by an additional 2-3 minute question/answer period.

Paper Application

Posters are displayed during the conference with the author(s) hosting informal discussions about their work.

Poster Application

Workshops are 90-minute sessions which emphasize an interactive skills development process around a specific topic. The emphasis will be on audience participation in engaging discussions, skill-building exercises, innovative techniques for participating, etc. Participation in workshops should impact attendees’ teaching, clinical, policy and/or administrative work.

Workshop Application