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Accepted papers:

  • Risk Factors for Overdose in Young People Receiving Substance Use Disorder Treatment
    Amy Yule, MD; Nicholas Carrellas, BA; Maura Fitzgerald, MPH; James McKowen, PhD; Jessica Nargiso, PhD; Brandon Bergman, PhD; John Kelly, PhD; Timothy Wilens, MD
  • A machine learning approach to detect methamphetamine craving induced in a virtual reality environment
    Xinfang Ding, PhD; Yuanhui Li; Lanyun Gong, MA; Dai Li, BA; Zhiyong Peng, MA; Yuqian Bi; Hongyuan Tang, BA
  • Substance Use Disorders in Later Life
    Stephanie Yarnell-Mac Grory, MD, PhD; Paul Kirwin, MD; Louis Trevisan, MD
  • System implications of licit and illicit drug use in a comprehensive psychiatric emergency program, a prospective cohort analysis
    Corina Freitas, MD, MSc, MBA; Mani Yavi, MD; Meghan Jaka, PhD; Jennifer Allen, MPH; Jimmy Ibikunle, MD, MS
  • Online Residency Training in Tobacco Use Disorder
    Jill Williams, MD; Raul Poulsen, MD; Vamsee Chaguturu, MD; Anthony Tobi, MD; Barbara Palmeri, MD
  • Incorporation of Recovery Coaches in Hospital Settings
    Hussam Jefee-Bahloul, MD; Niranchana Vallirajan, MBBS; John Monfredo, MSW; Richard Kenny; Stephen Higgins, MPH; Peter Zawrotniak, LICSW; Alan Brown, MD
  • Co-occuring mental and psychoactive SUDs in people living with HIV
    Andrew Olagunju, MBBS, MSc, FWACPsych, FMCPsych; Adenike Ogundipe, MBChB, MSc, FWACPsych, FMCPsych; Tinuke Olagunju, MD, MPH
  • Heavy drinking, burnout, depression, suicidal thoughts in physicians
    Kirk Brower, MD
  • Efficacy and Safety of reSET-O TM
    Yuri Maricich, MD; Warren Bickel, PhD; Kirsten Gatchalian, PhD; Hilary Luderer, PhD; Kate Jones, BS; Nicole Enman, PhD
  • Early Career Paper : Combined Effects of Endocannabinoid and Opioid Receptor Polymorphisms on Alcohol-Induced Dopamine Release
    Matthew E. Sloan, Caroline W. Grant, Melanie L. Schwandt, Hui Sun, Peter Herscovitch, Markus Heilig, Vijay A. Ramchandani