Boston, MA

August 8, 2019

Job Description: Serves as the attending physician for the detoxification (ATS) program at Boston Treatment Center. Provides direct patient care, review of medical/nursing services provided to clients, consultation on cases identified by medical/nursing team, professional support to nursing staff, and general leadership and responsibility regarding policies and procedures performed by the medical/nursing team.

Job Responsibilities: Either directly or through a Qualified Health Professional designee, provides professional support to nursing staff; review of medical assessments, including current courses of treatment and medication regimens; signs medical treatment orders; weighs in on decision-making process regarding client admission to program, as needed; provides consultation on cases identified by the medical/nursing/clinical team, which may include meeting with patients and responding to after-hours and weekend calls and emails. After-hours support to medical/nursing team occurs on a scheduled rotation, shared by a physician, physician assistant and nurse practitioner team. Provides additional addiction medicine consultative services across the Addiction Treatment Services Division and Lahey Health organization as needed.

Required education/experience: Graduate from an accredited school of medicine

Required licenses/certifications: Massachusetts MD license Board certified in Psychiatry and/or substance abuse treatment

If you are interested in this job posting: Matt Hubbell