by Ron Manderscheid, PhD, Exec Dir, NACBHDD and NARMH

We have long assumed that the next big advance for behavioral healthcare will be the addition of population health management to our traditional clinical interventions. Such a transition would permit us not only to treat disease while promoting self-determination and self-management, but also to move upstream to undertake the equally arduous task of preventing disease. What we have lacked is a field-wide strategy to make this transition practical.

Now, two fields, public health and behavioral health, are beginning to open up the possibilities of working together on population health management. In just a few days, on November 5, the Carter Center Behavioral Health Program and the American Public Health Association Mental Health Section will host a joint event for this purpose. Discussions will center on how behavioral health can incorporate public health interventions and practices, and how public health can add clinical interventions long-used by behavioral health.

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