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Sheldon I. Miller, MD, was a founding member of the organization, a mentor and friend to several generations of Addiction Psychiatrists.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Sheldon Miller.

Sheldon I. Miller, MD  was a passionate advocate for the field of Addiction Psychiatry, and promoted the need for best practices for patients with addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.  To commemorate Dr. Miller’s contributions and as a leader in starting AAAP, the Sheldon I. Miller Educational Fund was established. All funds support educational activities for trainees.

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Dr. Miller’s images on blank note cards are available for purchase on the webstore. You may also call AAAP’s National office to order as well (401) 524-3076.

Dr. Miller’s Photography

  • The Beginnings of Addiction Psychiatry

    Dr. Sheldon Miller is known to many as the father of Addiction Psychiatry. Founder and member, Dr. Miller speaks with members about what first inspired him to pursue a new way of looking at addiction.
    Photo courtesy of Dr. Sheldon Miller

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