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Distinguished Trainee Program

The Distinguished Trainee Program is designed to allow our committed trainees to better connect with AAAP resources and be honored for their dedication. Enrollment in this program is open from January 1st to the end of March. Participants who qualify to participate in this program and fulfill the requirements will be named a Distinguished Trainee of AAAP. They will be recognized at the AAAP Annual Meeting Awards reception, AAAP Newsletter, and the AAAP website. They will be certified as having demonstrated an earnest dedication and interest in Addiction Psychiatry. This program does not come with travel awards, travel awards open in early spring. For our travel awards, please see the Annual Meeting Page.

All participants must be current AAAP Members and fall under the category of trainee:

  • MD/DO currently enrolled in an accredited residency or fellowship program.
  • Currently pursuing degree in an accredited school as a health professional, such as a medical student, nurse, or PA.

Application Process

  • Participants will submit a short application and, if eligible, will be contacted by staff with details. Please note that once you have completed your activities and sent documentation to staff, you will be charged a $25 processing fee. This $25 fee will go toward the small operating cost of the program.
  • Participants must participate in at least seven (7) designated program activities AND provide appropriate documentation as outlined by the program.
  • Three (3) of those must be AAAP specific (indicated by *).

We understand that some of your activities may change, and this can be discussed when AAAP staff contacts you.

AAAP staff will reach out within 10 business days to discuss your activities and offer support.

Eligible Activities

  • Submit a submission to the AAAP newsletter*
  • Submit a submission to the AAAP Trainee newsletter*
  • Join AAAP committee and attend at least two meetings*
  • Attend regional AAAP meeting and/or event*
  • Attend AAAP Annual Meeting*
  • Present at AAAP Annual Meeting*
  • Participate in AAAP Mentor Program*
  • Complete Naloxone/Opioid Overdose Reversal Training
  • Volunteer with local/national Harm Reduction Agency
  • Complete at least two courses from the Addiction Psychiatry Advanced Psychotherapy Curriculum*
  • Contact local, state, or federal officials regarding addiction legislation/policies
  • Contribute original content to AAAP social media*
  • Contribute to development of PIPS*
  • Submit questions for AAAP self-assessment examination*
  • Contribute to development of issue briefs for AAAP advocacy efforts*
  • Contribute to AAAP podcast*
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