AAAP leads and partners with many national grant projects with coalitions of national organizations, funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. These efforts are focused on how to address the opioid healthcare crisis.  These grants focus on training primary care clinicians in evidence-based treatment of substance disorders, and in particular, addressing the opioid crisis.

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Providers' Clinical Support System

Providers Clinical Support System (PCSS)

PCSS was created in response to the opioid overdose epidemic to train primary care providers in the evidence-based prevention and treatment of opioid use disorders and treatment of chronic pain.

  • X-Waiver Course – FREE
  • MD/DO, Nurses, PA and Medical School
  • Mentoring – Discussion Forum and Clinical Roundtable Discussions
  • SUD 101
  • Pain Curriculum
  • Over 700 educational resources online

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Opioid Response Network (ORN)

Opioid Response Network (ORN)

Providing training and education and no cost directed at the local level in every state and territory in U.S.

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Expansion of Interprofessional Healthcare Practitioner SUD Education

Expansion of Interprofessional Healthcare Practitioner SUD Education

This grant funds a pilot program testing an 8 hour introduction to SUD to 34 health professional schools nationwide covering 5 disciplines.

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REACH Minority Fellowship Grant

Providing financial support for minority students to obtain their addiction specialty fellowship training and to become leaders in the field.

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Managing Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Primary Care

AAAP is supporting the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) on an Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ) grant. The project, titled Managing Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Primary Care, is focused on improving identification and increasing management of unhealthy alcohol use among adults in primary care practices.

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SMI Adviser

CSS-SMI (Clinical Support System-Serious Mental Illness)

AAAP is working with APA in support of resources specifically for serious mental illness. APA is working with AAAP clinical experts with specialties in addiction psychiatry to aid in reviewing resources related to serious mental illness and creating answer cards to contribute to the SMI Adviser System.

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Harvard Waiver Opportunity

Harvard has partnered with PCSS and SAMHSA to approve two of their OUD courses to count toward the 24 hour requirement (8 hours for each course).

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