The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP) is the organization for learning and sharing the art and science of Addiction Psychiatry research and treatment.

Translating Science. Transforming Lives.

As relentless advocates for individuals with substance use disorders and mental health disorders, AAAP members are committed to transforming lives using evidenced-based practices to continually improve clinical approaches and outcomes for their patients.

For specialists in Addiction Psychiatry, general psychiatrists, primary care providers,  researchers, medical students and other health care professionals, AAAP is a caring and engaging group of like-minded professionals who are leading experts in translating work from the laboratory to solutions in the real world.

Members appreciate being welcomed into a collegial environment where they have the opportunity to meet new colleagues, learn from thought leaders and contribute their own knowledge to an ever-expanding dialogue.

As the leading source for the latest evidenced-based research in addictions, AAAP provides an ideal forum for health professionals to expand their skills through certification and continuing education programs in the field of Addiction Psychiatry.

For members of the general public whose lives are touched by the challenges of substance use and its frequent link to other mental health disorders, AAAP is an accessible source for hope and insights into the science behind the latest clinical approaches and a better understanding of the complex issues of addiction.