All research, including data, content, and conclusions, presented at AAAP’s Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium is embargoed until 8:00 am EDT on the first day of the Annual Meeting.
No news, information, results of any abstract or research finding can be released to the media, published, posted, broadcasted or otherwise distributed in any non-AAAP annual meeting publication before that day.

No information obtained via AAAP media (for example, via email, website, Twitter, or Facebook) may be distributed as an embargoed news release, nor may any or details of the embargoed studies be released before the embargo date and time.

This embargo includes revealing anything about the results (including the title of the abstract since that may include a research conclusion) in a press release or any non-AAAP promotional piece.

AAAP takes any breach of the embargo seriously and any decision to lift the embargo early is at the sole discretion of AAAP.