Patients in recovery from addiction and family members discuss the importance of having support and encouragement from the medical staff during treatment. Watch full stories:

Anna Maybel: Understanding helped her face addiction treatment

Anna Mabel, in recovery from substance use disorder for 18 years, discusses the importance of having medical staff understand how difficult it is to seek treatment and support recovery.

Paul: A positive experience with addiction treatment

In recovery for ten years, Paul has noticed a marked change in the way the medical community treats patients with substance use disorder. The stigma he faced earlier made recovery more difficult.

Sherri: Kindness and support was key in her recovery

Sherri credits the support of medical staff for her recovery and for understanding the person they met initially could become the successful woman she is today.

Tom: Respect and dignity key when treating SUD

Tom discusses the importance of being treated with respect and dignity when coming into a medical office for substance use disorder treatment. It can be daunting for a patient to seek treatment and an understanding medical staff is vital.